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WSIS Rock N Roll Weekend in NYC
This year's WSIS RocknRoll weekend included an all star lineup of Bsamim, Matisyahu, Leslie West, Rob Tanenbaum, Walter Yetnikoff and David Fishof. 
Matisyahu-  Reggae Superstar (Billboard's 2006 Reggae Artist of The Year)
Leslie West- Guitar Legend, Mountain
David Fishof- Creator of Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp. Agent to the stars (Ringo Starr)
Rob Tanenbaum- Editor of Blender Magazine
Walter Yetnikoff- CBS Records/Sony Music Exec 
In addition to its regular performance, Bsamim performed A Cappella renditions of the other talents' songs in introducing them up to the stage:
Matisyahu- King Without A Crown
Leslie West- Mississippi Queen
Rob Tanenbaum- What I Like About You 
Special thanks to R. Shlomo Einhorn and WSIS for hosting and including us at this outstanding event! 
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